Playing dice games

10 Març 2014


foto-1Last Thursday and Friday the pupils of Primary 6 had another maths in English class. This one was special because the activities they did were led by pupils from ESO 4 who have been learning maths in English this term.

    foto-2 They prepared some games to play with a different type of dice, it has ten faces. The activity involved throwing the dice 4 times and placing the numbers that came up on a grid with four boxes. The games were played in pairs. The pupils began by trying to make the largest 4-digit number, then the smallest one, the one nearest a number decided on previously and finally with a decimal point somewhere in the middle.

img_0200 The older pupils asked the younger ones some very interesting questions to make explicit the strategies the younger pupils used and their use of English was excellent.


They then played two games in groups of four to further develop the activity. As the pupils in Primary 6 are now studying decimal numbers, this activity provided a good opportunity to revise the concept of place value. It also gave their teachers a chance to hear them talk about how they think about mathematics.

Thanks again to nrich for the activity.


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